Advertisement techniques

Banner advertising is the oldest and still the most popular form of advertising on the Internet. We place only few adverts on our pages to increase the interest of our visitors. All adverts are placed in the queue and (except special circumstances) randomly chosen to display on the page. Due to the big traffic on our site we can provide this way huge visibility and do not discourage.

Our site has, on average, over 250,000 page views a day, however this varies between 150,000 up to and over 400,000 a day. Some of our pages contain adverts, some of them not. If you wish your advert to appear on a specific page � please let us know and we will see if it is possible. We can place an image (e.g. jpg, gif, etc.) or a flash banner.

You can check our page statistics, just send us request and we will let you see it. It may help you to choose one of the options below.

If you order a banner or text advert � you will be given a special page address, which will display number of views per day.

Advertising prices

Standard Banner (468x60 pixels) ****

Advert format Cost metrics Price
Graphic Banner CPM* £0.40 per thousand impressions
week** £50
specific day/time*** £1-£10 per hour
Deep Link^* week £10 per advert (min. 2)
Future Events^* weekly £50

  • *Per impression - You pay £0.0004 for each display of the banner. However, you can cap the number of times your advert is displayed per day or per month. For example, you can request to display no more than 1000 times a day. This allows you to control your budget, so you do not spend too much.
  • **Fixed fee � You pay a fixed fee (£50 a week ) and we display your banner as many times as it is randomly drawn from our banner pool. It may be less than in �Per impression� or more, but once again, you control your budget. You can of course purchase more than one block, increasing visibility of your advert.
  • ***Exclusive time � you may request some specific time for your advert exclusively. For example you may request your banner to display on the 17th April for the whole day, or every day between 1PM and 2PM, or just once between 12PM and 3PM. The price is per hour and it is guaranteed that no other adverts than yours will be displayed at this time. The price has to be negotiated individually and varies between £1 and £10 per hour. As you might have guessed, displaying your banner when we publish results from Blackpool will be more expensive than a one Wednesday in a week when nothing important had happened.
  • **** We also offer other formats, like leaderboard (large banner on top of the page), middle box (between final and semi-final), vertical box (In the left side, instead of some google adverts). If you are interested in prices for them, please contact us directly. They are usually 50% to 100% dearer than standard banner.

In all the banner adverts you can also restrict when your advert will appear. For example you may wish that your advert appears only on a certain language version of the site or if your potential customer is coming from specified country. In the latter case advert will appear if person is coming for example from Germany.

  • ^*Deep links
Photo link  Deep link

  • these adverts are displayed in a form of a short text, small image and a link to any area on your website. They are ment to point to the specific product page or a section of your website e.g. to the used dresses sale or to the accessories section. These adverts show on the right hand side on the results page. Five adverts are drawn randomly from a pool of available adverts; it is very similar to the technique we use to display graphic ads. They are less 'aggressive' than graphic banners and therefore less obvious to click but, being text-based, they more customer-friendly and appear as a part of the page.
  • ^*Future events
  • these adverts are designed for Competitions or Special Events advertising. The short description is placed in the Future Events section on the main Home page and the link leads to a mini-page where all the basic/short information about the event are shown. See competition adverts info and special events adverts info for detailed description.

Banner Design prices

We can use your own banners, images etc for the advertising campaing. However, we can design a graphic banner for you. Such graphics often increase the customer satisfaction and are common advertising techniques. Below are the prices.

Banner Design Price
jpeg (still)* £30
Flash (animated)** £50
Flash (expandable)*** £100

  • *simple jpeg - you pay for the still (unmoving) design of the clickable banner.
  • **Flash - animated graphics in Flash Macromedia. We can use our own ideas or we can use your own images.
  • *** Expandable Flash

  • these animated graphics are built in Flash Macromedia and they expand when the customer hovers over with the mouse cursor. Each banner contains a 'x' in the corner, so the customer can close (minimise) it. The banner displays over  the normal content