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Fréttir (ágúst 2016)

Nikolai Tarasov and Amanda Herrschaft split

Skráð þann þriðjudagur, 23 ágú. 2016, 09:03 af admin | 0 athugasemd/ir
Lesa: 1.321

Nikolai Tarasov and Amanda Herrschaft have decided to terminate their partnership. The represented USA and were national 10 Dance champions. They were top 48 in the Blackpool Dance Festival 2015 and top 48 in the International Championship. See more results. They wrote: We want to thank everyone who contributed towards our journey! Thank ...

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Interview with Michal Le and Sandra Jablonska

Skráð þann föstudagur, 19 ágú. 2016, 20:54 af admin | 0 athugasemd/ir
Lesa: 1.373

We met with Michal Le and Sandra Jablonska in Blackpool hotel next day after they won Amateur Rising Star Ballroom competition. They represent Poland. Michal and Sandra knew each other for many years and even danced with each other occasionally as kids, but it did not feel good and they never really consider partnership. However, when both h...

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Maksim Bodnar and Elyzaveta Vnuchkova split

Skráð þann sunnudagur, 14 ágú. 2016, 14:12 af admin | 0 athugasemd/ir
Lesa: 2.081

Оne of the top latin Youth couples in the World, Maksim Bodnar and Elyzaveta Vnuchkova, decided to end their partnership after five successful years of dancing together, first as Youth and later as Amateurs. They represented Ukraine. They were national Ukrainian champions, twice Blackpool finalists Under 21, 4th in the Amateur Rising Stars in B...

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Interview with Shaun Peacham and AJ Whitty

Skráð þann mánudagur, 08 ágú. 2016, 11:06 af admin | 0 athugasemd/ir
Lesa: 1.752

We met Shaun Peacham and AJ Whitty, winners of Senior Latin competition at Blackpool Dance Festival in May 2016. They are Australian champions in Senior Latin category. They are two lovely people, very happy to be dancing together and very positive in general. We had lot's of laugther when we sat together in the hotel lobby. We asked ...

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Thorkell Jonsson and India Phillips dance togethe

Skráð þann mánudagur, 08 ágú. 2016, 09:42 af admin | 0 athugasemd/ir
Lesa: 1.578

We are pleased to announce the new partnership of Thorkell Jonsson from Iceland and India Phillips from England. Both were previously 1/4 finalists in the European Amateur Ballroom Championship with their previous partners. They were semi finalists at the United Kingdom closed championships in July 2016 after being together for just 3 weeks. Th...

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