Erik Linder and Shelly Meshkausk dance together
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Erik Linder and Shelly Meshkausk dance together

Skráð þann föstudagur, 20 jan. 2017, 09:43 af vanessa perez
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We have received an information that Erik Linder and Shelly Meshkausk have decided to dance together. Erik and Shelly started their dance partnership in December of 2016. Both coming from successful dance careers including World Champion Titles and USA National Champion Titles. They are sixteen years old and Erik has danced since the age of four, competing in Ballroom and Latin dancesport styles. Together they unite to compete in Youth. Check their profile page.

Erik hails from Seattle and Shelly from Boston. Together they unite the East Coast with the West Coast as they train in both locations. Erik and Shelly aspire to bring their very best as they share their dancing with the world.

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vanessa perez mánudagur, 23 jan. 2017, 14:05

Wat about Rickie???